Collection: Alloy Arts

Our tiles, liners and murals begin as hand-carved wooden models and then are sandcast-one piece at a time, by hand, from solid recycled bronze and aluminum. Our skilled artists then polish and apply unique patinas to each piece. Unlike products that are thinly plated mystery metals, our beautiful tiles will not only stand the test of time, but will gently improve with age. Consider your pieces as "living art" that will gently darken and gain a softer finish as they age!

INSTALLATION AND MAINTENACE - All Alloy Arts metals may be installed in the same manner as any tile or stone material. We suggest (1) thin set mortar with latex additive (2) mastic with an epoxy additive or (3) industrial adhesives. Consult with and rely upon your licensed tile contractor.

Alloy Arts products are suitable for both wet/dry, interior/exterior and horizontal/vertical applications. They may be maintained and polished with a soft cloth and any non-abrasive, non-petroleum based cleaner.

Alloy Arts